Studie trends donor-CMO relaties en overheidsfinanciering in 6 EU landen - ngo-federatie


Studie trends donor-CMO relaties en overheidsfinanciering in 6 EU landen

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19 Dec 2018

Ngo-federatie gaf aan HIVA de opdracht om een geactualiseerde studie te maken over trends in overheidsfinanciering in 6 verschillende EU landen. Welke evoluties zien we op het vlak van overheidsfinanciering van civiele maatschappij organisaties en welke veranderingen tekenen er zich zo af in donor-CMO relaties? 

Korte beschrijving van het rapport

This study looks at trends in government funding of development Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and CSO-donor relations in six European donor countries. It is a follow-up to a 2015 study, which was similarly commissioned by the Belgian NGO-federation, and executed by HIVA-KU Leuven.

Since the publication of the previous study, important changes have taken place in the international arena. Security concerns and migration have moved to the top of the political agenda, and populism is on the rise. Trust in public institutions has decreased substantially, and CSOs have not been insulated from this trend. Across the globe, governments are imposing tough requirements on civil society, which raises concerns about ‘shrinking civil space’. This study aims to identify and assess key trends in CSO funding against the background of these broader changes. Compared with the 2015 study, this study will take a more detailed look at CSO funding trends in six countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, and Germany.

Download hier het rapport en de presentatie

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Presentatie resultaten

Op 13 december presenteerden de onderzoekers (Dr. Huib Huyse en Dr. Boris Verbrugge) hun rapport: ‘Donor relationships with development CSOs at cross-roads? A comparative study of changing funding realities in 6 European countries’.
Tijdens de presentatie focusten de onderzoekers op 4 trends:

  • Trend 1: A growing divide between donors on the continuum from a managerial to a social transformation approach?
  • Trend 2: CSO funding is becoming more fragmented and unstable
  • Trend 3: CSO funding is becoming increasingly competitive
  • Trend 4: CSO funding is becoming increasingly aligned with donor priorities
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