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- Outcome Mapping Winterschool

Extern Evenement Publiek toegankelijk

Espace Jacqmotte - Hoogstraat 139, 1000 Brussel

Van 3 tot en met 6 december

Georganiseerd door Outcome Mapping Learning Community

OMLC Winterschool: Outcome-based approaches for effective monitoring, evaluation and learning in complex change processes.

This 4-day event will take a deep dive into the principles of Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting by combining grounded theory with practical case studies and group discussion.

Participants will complete the programme with an understanding of OM and OH, their relevance in complex change processes, how to use them appropriately in their own contexts, and how to adapt them for use with other aligned approaches.

We are extremely excited to have Irene Guijt join us on day 1 as keynote speaker.

The event is led by a team of world-class experts in Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting including: Steff Deprez, Goele Scheers and Simon Hearn.


> Download the event brochure for more details.

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