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Fiabel training: Towards a more secure ICT environment

Extern Evenement Enkel toegankelijk voor leden

FIABEL - Julien Dillensplein 1, 1060 Brussels

Van 9.30u. tot 13.00u.

Georganiseerd door Fiabel

How to protect your organization against hackers?

Large corporations are not the only targets that cybercriminals have in their sights; unfortunately, smaller organizations (including development organizations) have been increasingly becoming victims of cyberattacks. No panic!

Ensure your organization has the appropriate security controls to protect your valuable data! You do not need to be a cyber specialist for this training.  

Erik Vanderhasselt from Xiobe will guide you through the first steps towards a more secure ICT environment. Erik supported recently some Belgian development organizations to build a more secure ICT environment, sometimes after they became victims of (attempted) hacking. Erik's background is in cyber incident response and does ethical attacks as well as defense work.

Language: English

Maximum number of participants: 15 

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