CONCORD Pre-election event - ngo-federatie


CONCORD Pre-election event

Extern Evenement Enkel toegankelijk voor leden

Centre Interdiocesain - Rue Guimard 1, 1040 Bruxelles

Georganiseerd door Concord

This event aims to gather all CONCORD members and members of members working on the EP elections to share plans, actions and tools from Brussels and from the different member states by and for the CONCORD members. The EP election task force would like to increase CONCORD connections and interactions with other relevant NGO coalitions and sectors. We would like to find synergies within the CONCORD Confederation to carry on common projects in the pre & post election phase and we hope to exchange good practices and lessons learned to work better together and with more impact during and after this pivotal year. 

The final agenda will be shared closer to the date of the meeting but consider that the following points will be part of the 1-day event's discussions and exchange: 

  • Context setting: why are those elections so relevant and so different from the previous ones
  • role of Development NGOs in the pre-election and in the post-election phase: find a common message? 
  • Testing the narratives about Europe
  • Tools for the elections (visuals, infographics and more)
  • Communicating around the elections (media, social media, hate speech, countering fake news, ...)
  • Trends from the Member States - the role of our CONCORD National Platforms
  • targeting the top candidates Spitzencandidaten (Crystal ball campaign..)
  • Work with other NGO sectors- EU level and national level
  • Joint action day - mobilising NGOs around 19th May 
  • How to prepare the post-election phase - make effective advocacy together
  • and more.

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For any additional information, please refer to Francesca Minniti at the following email address

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